Hanley’s Consulting Services Establishes Cyber Security Partnership with ACSC

We are excited to share that Hanley’s Consulting Services has successfully established a partnership with the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Business Partner program. This significant milestone reflects our unwavering commitment to providing robust cyber security solutions to our valued clients. By joining forces with the ACSC, a leading organization dedicated to improving cyber security under the Australian government’s guidance, we reinforce our dedication to protecting organizations from the growing threats posed by cybercrime.

As part of this esteemed network, which comprises cyber security professionals from government, industry, and academia, we not only enhance our credentials in the field but also gain access to timely intelligence on potential cyber threats. This collaboration empowers us to develop collaborative solutions and resources to effectively mitigate these threats.

Enhanced Situational Awareness and Threat Intelligence

Being an ACSC partner enables Hanley’s Consulting Services to strengthen our situational awareness and gain access to critical threat intelligence. The ACSC remains vigilant, monitoring cyber threats around the clock from various local and global sources. This partnership grants us the opportunity to leverage comprehensive threat intelligence, consisting of actionable and context-rich information delivered through alerts, advisories, and automated indicator sharing.

Moreover, our collaboration with the ACSC allows us to contribute our own threat intelligence and situational awareness derived from our networks. By combining our expertise with the ACSC’s insights, we develop a comprehensive understanding of the threat landscape, bolstering our ability to protect both ourselves and our clients.

Collaboration Opportunities

As proud members of the ACSC partnership program, Hanley’s Consulting Services actively engages with fellow cyber security professionals on a broad range of issues. These collaboration opportunities include presentations, forums, workshops, training sessions, and information exchanges. Through these initiatives, we foster a shared understanding of the cyber security environment and work collectively towards achieving optimal mitigation strategies.

Resilience-building Activities

Our partnership provides us with access to an extensive range of resilience-building activities offered by the ACSC and other partners. These activities encompass classified and unclassified events, dedicated workshops, cyber security exercises, and presentations. By participating in these events, we equip ourselves with the latest insights and best practices, further strengthening our cyber security capabilities.

The JCSC Network

The ACSC’s Joint Cyber Security Centres (JCSCs) serve as valuable forums where businesses, government entities, and other stakeholders access and share cyber security information and expertise. Hanley’s Consulting Services benefits from this trusted and neutral environment, fostering collaboration and information-sharing. Through the JCSC network, we gain access to timely and sensitive information, enabling us to proactively mitigate cyber security threats for both our organization and our clients.

Why Invest in Cyber Security?

In today’s digital era, information is more valuable and more vulnerable than ever before. Any entity relying on internet communication or connected to a computer or smart device faces the risk of compromise. It is alarming that a hacker can infiltrate a poorly protected network in a matter of minutes, while detecting and recovering from cyber-attacks can take months or even longer. By proactively addressing threats and risks, organizations can avoid the devastating impacts of cyber security breaches. Our partnership with the ACSC positions Hanley’s Consulting Services to respond rapidly and effectively to these challenges.

Connect with Our Cyber Security Experts

At Hanley’s Consulting Services, we recognize the critical importance of cyber security in safeguarding your business. With our partnership with the ACSC, we offer cutting-edge solutions and expertise to effectively mitigate cyber security risks. Contact our team of cyber security experts today to learn more about how Hanley’s Consulting Services can assist your business in navigating the cyber security landscape with confidence.