7 Immediate Steps You Should Take If Your Netflix Account is Hacked

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Netflix stands as one of the most renowned streaming services globally, boasting nearly 231 million subscribers. Its consistent growth over the past decade has made it a staple in the daily entertainment rituals of many.

However, like any online service, Netflix accounts are susceptible to hacking, given the inherent risks associated with relying solely on a username and password for protection.

In the unfortunate event of an account breach, the experience can be shocking and disorienting, prompting hasty and potentially detrimental reactions. It’s crucial to approach the situation methodically to avoid exacerbating the issue.

This article outlines the necessary steps to take when suspecting a breach of your Netflix account, shedding light on the typical strategies employed by hackers in orchestrating an account takeover.

How Does a Netflix Hack Typically Work?

Phishing overload poses a significant challenge, exploited by hackers in various breaches. Individuals frequently encounter deceptive emails mimicking reputable brands, such as Netflix. A prevalent phishing tactic involves sending an email alert claiming, “There has been suspicious activity on your account.” The email typically includes a link redirecting users to a forged website designed to resemble the legitimate login page of the brand. This classic trick aims to deceive users into unwittingly providing their login credentials, highlighting the importance of vigilance against such fraudulent attempts.

Hacked Netflix accounts typically go for $12 each on the dark web.

The inundation of phishing emails often leads people to develop a sense of desensitization, causing them to disregard such warnings, recognizing the potential dangers associated with clicking on them. Hackers exploit this tendency, counting on individuals to overlook genuine alerts from services like Netflix that genuinely signal a suspicious login, indicating a possible compromise.

In a strategic approach, hackers bide their time, refraining from taking immediate actions that could trigger an account lockdown. They patiently wait for recipients to accumulate several similar emails, fostering a mindset of complete disregard. Subsequently, they initiate their takeover attempt.

The typical sequence of a Netflix hack unfolds as follows:

  1. The account owner receives an email indicating a suspicious login, often originating from a different country.
  2. The account owner checks their Netflix account for any unauthorized devices but finds none. The hacker logs out deliberately, aiming to make the user believe the initial notice was a phishing attempt.
  3. This scenario repeats 2-4 times within a month, with the hacker counting on the user ignoring the Netflix warnings.
  4. Once convinced of user neglect, the hacker takes decisive action:
    • Adds their credit card to the account for verification purposes with Netflix.
    • Possibly elevates the subscription plan to a higher level.
    • Typically replaces user profile names with numerical identifiers (1, 2, 3, etc.).
  5. The account owner receives an email notifying them of changes in account information, such as email, password, or phone number.
  6. The hacker’s ultimate goal is to lock the legitimate account owner out of their account, completing the takeover. This emphasizes the critical importance of promptly addressing and verifying any suspicious activity reported by legitimate service providers.

    What Do You Do If Someone Has Hacked Your Netflix Account?

    1. Visit the Netflix site directly & attempt to log in:

      • Always access the Netflix site directly from your browser. Avoid clicking on any links received via email, DM, or SMS.
      • Try logging in using your password. If successful, you may have caught the hacker before being locked out. If not, proceed to the next step.

    2. Change your password immediately if you can log in:

      • If you can access your account, change the password promptly.
      • Ensure the new password is strong, comprising at least 10-12 characters with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.
      • Avoid using any part of the breached password in the new one.

    3. Remove any unfamiliar payment methods if you can log in:

      • Check the payment methods section in your account settings for any added by the hacker.
      • Remove any payment method that doesn’t belong to you. However, exercise caution if removing your own card, as you’ll need an alternative way to verify your account with Netflix.

    4. Call Netflix support: (Don’t skip this step)

      • Contact Netflix support regardless of whether you successfully log in or not.
      • Inform them about the suspected account hack, and they will guide you through the process of undoing any changes made by the hacker.

    5. Monitor your bank statements:

      • Keep a close eye on your bank statements for any unusual charges, as hackers may attempt unauthorized transactions.

    6. Change passwords for other accounts using the same one as Netflix:

      • If you use a similar password for multiple accounts, change the passwords for those accounts immediately.

    7. Consider professional password security solutions:

      • Take proactive measures to secure your passwords and accounts. Schedule a chat with us today to explore password security solutions and avoid potential hacks in the future.

    Remember, swift action is crucial in securing your account and preventing further unauthorized access or activities.


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